St. Augustine's in-the-Woods Episcopal Church People of Faith Serving Beautiful Whidbey Island


The Vestry is the local governing body of our congregation and is composed of lay members and the rector. The senior and junior wardens serve as vice-chairs of the board. The vestry works to provide appropriate administrative oversight and leadership to the parish. The parish elects one third of the vestry each year and members serve three-year terms.

Our Vestry (term ends):
Chair: Nigel Taber-Hamilton
Senior Warden: Frank Shirbroun (2018)
Junior Warden: Elaine Ludtke (2018)
Clerk: Susan Sandri
Marilyn Hill (2017)
Mic Kisinger (2017)
Bert Speir (2017)
Bob Dial (2018)
Elaine Ludtke (2018)
Frank Shirbroun (2018)
Celia Metz (2019)
Dick Hall (2019)
M K Sandford (2019)

You can view the minutes of our monthly meeting on the event board at the church.