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Frank Shirbroun

As the son of Christian parents, Frank is a lifelong believer who has spent time in the Wesleyan Methodist, Lutheran and Episcopal churches.  He was Professor of New     Testament in Bloy House (Episcopal Theological Seminary at Claremont, CA) for more than 17 years and continues to teach Adult Education classes in his retirement. He has been a member of St. Augustine’s since 2011 and is a Benedictine Oblate at Tanglewood Hill Monastery in Freeland.  With Celtic roots in Ireland and Wales, Frank, together with his wife, Teresa Di Biase, leads Celtic Christian pilgrimages to the sacred sites of Britain,   Ireland, and Brittany.  He is keenly interested in the intersection between Celtic and   Benedictine spirituality.  Frank has chosen Ephesians 4:1-7 as a text to focus our attention in 2017 on Christian unity and the uniqueness of each person’s individual gift from the Holy Spirit.