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Susan Campbell Sandri, Phd

Susan Campbell Sandri, PhD

WELCOME to St. Augustine’s in-the-Woods! Enjoy our beautiful campus and truly loving community! Church and family have been the anchors in my nomad life. A Navy brat then USMC/Army NG wife, I loved the lifestyle of moving. Somehow, the world seems both bigger and smaller for having lived in many places. Throughout my 45 addresses, the Episcopal Church has been my home, my constant. I love its blend of sacred traditions, radical welcome and progressive inclusivity. My dad’s family contained several priests and a bishop, and I would have entered the priesthood myself had that been an option for women when I was college age. I first came to St. Augustine’s in the ’60s and moved here when I retired from academe in 1999. Here, one may engage the mysteries and joys of both a personal and communal life as the Body of Christ.

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