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Martin Luther King “Blessed are the Peacemakers”


Martin Luther King, Jr. “Blessed Are the Peacemaker”

The 18th annual Whidbey Martin Luther King, “Blessed Are the Peacemakers” community event, after two years as a You Tube video production, returns to the St. Augustine nave as an in-person, live event. The date and time are: Monday, January 16 (MLK Day) at 1:00PM. The theme or title for this year’s event is “America’s Original Sin, The Consequences of Slavery, White Racism and the Struggle for Racial Justice.” Gospel music provided by Trinity Lutheran’s Karl Olsen and St. Augustine’s Sophia Singers.

Did You Know? At least 25 individuals are directly involved as participants in this year’s MLK event. Most are St. Augustine’s parishioners and EPF members, but at least five participants do not have ties to St. Augustine’s.

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